Art therapy uses the creative process and artwork to improve mental health and wellness, and address issues such as trauma, domestic violence, addiction, depression, and grief and loss.

Also known as expressive therapy, art therapy is for adults, children, teens, and seniors — no one is too young or too old to experience the benefits of art therapy. Topics include grief, loss, and trauma; mental wellness; women's groups; facilitating positive change through creativity; drug and alcohol prevention; suicide prevention work; and anti-bullying/lateral violence. The art therapists and expressive therapists at Tanya Negrey & Associates Art & Expressive Therapies can deliver tailored mental health support services as topic-based workshops or as an ongoing mental health service for the whole community. Tanya Negrey & Associates are based in Saskatoon, Sask., but our professionals can also travel to your community or First Nation.


Examples of work created through art therapy

All artwork shared with permission.